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We thank you heaps and heaps for taking an interest in submitting your words to the blog — it wouldn't be the same without you! We hope that our readers eventually come to MODÉLLE to not only read our posts, but to particularly follow up with yours. Below, we have listed our best tips on how to create the perfect submission.
We can't wait to hear from you!


1. UNIQUELY YOURS : It's essential to have an understanding of our style of operation before creating your post; that is why we encourage you to read the blog.  We are always looking for new and different ideas to enhance MODÉLLE — this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

2. SECTION SELECTION : This is when you decide where you best fit in while standing out. Our blog has four sections: PERSONNES (People), BEAUTÉ (Beauty/Couture), AMOUR (Love), and SANTÉ (Health). Explore the articles in each section to ensure there are no repeats, and to contribute original ideas. Each category has a myriad of possibilities and that is what keeps our sections so exciting. 

3. WHAT'S YOUR TYPE? : Just like genres, there are many types of posts, and a vast variety of specifics for each area. Here are a few of our most popular:

Articles: Tell a true story, share your thoughts about a specific topic, reveal your poetry, or even expand on a personal interest/hobby.

Q&A: This type of post is perfect for showing your expertise by answering your most frequently asked questions, or even interviewing someone you want to highlight. 

Photos: Whether they are from a from a trip, a creative project of your own, or photographs you think would compliment the blog, we love when photography is shared with us! All credit will be given to both the photographer(s) and the models.

These are suggestions, but feel free to think outside the box. We love new ideas!

4. ROLL YOUR ANGLE : Your reader should not have to second guess what exactly they're reading about. We know it can be a challenge not to get sidetracked; especially if you're passionate about your topic. Keep in mind your angle throughout your submission — tie it all together with a pretty little bow, not a bandage.

5. IS THIS THING ON? : *Microphone tap*   your voice is so important and that is why you deserve to be heard. Expressing your personality allows a connection between you and your readers; your words should come close to the way you speak. Establishing your identity comes from your tone, choice of words, and style of writing. So, be yourself and don't be afraid to own your spotlight — just make sure that your audience can understand and hear you in the back!

6. STICK THE LANDING : Not only should you feel confident when submitting a post, but we hope that you show how proud you are by showing your friends and family. We also encourage you to share your submissions from the blog on your social media. This can easily be done by copying and pasting the link straight from the page of your post. To show our appreciation, we would love to share your post(s) on our own social medias as well — so make sure to befriend us! With that being said, we can't express it enough how proud we are of you, and the gratitude we have for your contribution! So, go get 'em, tiger! You've got this! 


1: Email your submission to  — introduce yourself with a brief biography and ideas of how you see your work evolving. This allows us to ensure we are all confident with
what is shared and where it is placed.
2: Make the subject of your email the section in which your submission should be posted: PERSONNES (People), BEAUTÉ (Beauty/Couture), AMOUR (Love), and SANTÉ (Health). Proceed to filling the body of the email with your work(s).

3: When/if you decide to attach images, be sure they are sized to their maximum quality. We also ask that your photos compliment the submission you are sharing, as well as the blog itself. 

4: Send in your submission and we will go from there. We will share our feedback
and confer possible edits.